Science Teacher

What Is A Science Teacher?

Science teachers educate future generations. They teach a wide variety of topics such as earth sciences, chemistry and physics.

What Do Science Teachers Do?

  • Educate younger generations about current scientific theories
  • Act as role models for future scientists and natural resource managers
  • Inspire innovation and scientific thinking in younger generations
  • Teach the foundations of the scientific method and scientific writing

Where Do Science Teachers Work?

Science teachers work in public and private schools all over the world. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges employ science teachers in a variety of fields.


A Bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement to teach in most school systems. A teaching certificate is also required to teach in the majority of public K-12 school systems. A science teacher should obtain a degree in the same subject area they plan to teach in. To teach at the college level, a Master's degree or Ph.D. is typically required.

For more information visit: National Science Teachers Association

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