Family Forest Owner Toolbox

The Family Forest Owner Toolbox is a series of 11 fact sheets that was developed by the Great Lakes Forest Alliance (GLFA) to provide pertinent information and resources to family forest landowners. The toolbox was developed to aid landowners who want to enhance forest management and/or get involved with "emerging markets", such as bioenergy, certified forest products, and green building in order to maintain their land and secure its future.

The Great Lakes Forest Alliance was a non-profit organization established to foster and facilitate cooperative efforts that enhance management and sustainable use of public and private forestland in Michigan, Minnesota, Ontario and Wisconsin.

Fact Sheets

Toolbox Folder

Toolbox Glossary

Fact Sheet 1: The Importance of Family Forests

Fact Sheet 2: Ecosystem Markets

Fact Sheet 3: Income and Incentives

Fact Sheet 4: Carbon Markets for Family Forest Owners

Fact Sheet 5: Traditional Forest Products

Fact Sheet 6: Non-Timber Forest Products

Fact Sheet 7: Agroforestry Benefits for Your Farm and Your Forest

Fact Sheet 8: Woody Biomass for Energy Markets

Fact Sheet 9: Wildlife Management and Recreation

Fact Sheet 10: Environmental Management and Marketing

Fact Sheet 11: Getting Involved - Landowner Groups and Associations

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