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Opportunities to become immersed in the social, economic, and ecological aspects of sustainable forestry.

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General Information

In the past, organized intensive three-day woods and mill tours for teachers in various regions throughout North America. The theme of every tour was Sustainable Forestry; please see the list of key concepts below.

Currently, maintains a list of upcoming Teachers' Tours that are hosted by forestry-related third parties.

Are you planning a Teacher Tour or other outdoor learning event for educators? Let us know about your event by sending an email to or calling us at (612) 333-0430.

Key Concepts

  • Foresters manage large landscapes over long time horizons
  • Nature is dynamic: everything is connected and constantly changing
  • Foresters can manage for the re-occurrence of desirable outcomes
  • Sustainable forestry integrates social, economic, and ecological needs
  • Fire has two sides
  • Regulations exist to protect water, air, soil, fish, and wildlife
  • Incentives are better than regulations
  • Forestry is capital intensive
  • The highest technology is employed in the woods, mills and labs
  • There is complete utilization of the resource
  • We all need and use wood products
  • Wood is an environmentally sound building material
  • We can meet our material needs while protecting forest ecosystems
  • We all need to make informed choices
  • Teachers have a special responsibility
  • The forest products industry is rich in career opportunities

Past Tour Comments

Below is a sampling of past Teacher Tours that has been involved in. Click on a link below to read comments from teachers who attended.

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