Lesson Plans: 6th-8th Grade

Lesson plans were submitted by teachers who have graduated from our Teacher Forestry Tours.

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The 400-Acre Wood

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Forest management, land use demands

Amazing Transpiration

    Grade Level: 7 - 8
    Keywords: Surface area, stomata, transpiration, estimation

An Aspect of Forestry Stewardship

    Grade Level: 7 - 12
    Keywords: Competitive, favorable habitat, stress tolerance, resource limits, opportunistic, ruderal , taxonomic grouping, characteristics, adaptive strategy, global zonobiome, principle of constancy

A Tree is an Ecosystem

    Grade Level: 4 - 6
    Keywords: Interdependence

Calculating Volume in the Forest

    Grade Level: 8
    Keywords: Diameter, cylinder, volume, Biltmore stick

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle Game

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Carbon Cycle, Photosynthesis, Respiration

Career Exploration

    Grade Level: 8
    Keywords: Career Exploration

The Correlation Between Human Population Growth and Dwindling Natural Resources

    Grade Level: 8
    Keywords: Population growth, natural resources

Deal or No Deal

    Grade Level: 5 - 6
    Keywords: Study, note taking, test preparation,

Discovering Forest Products

    Grade Level: 4 - 6
    Keywords: Biology and environmental science

Flower Dissection

    Grade Level: 7 - 10
    Keywords: Plant reproduction, anatomy

Forest Appreciation

    Grade Level: 1 - 6
    Keywords: Forest resources

Forest Climate Control

Forestry and Changing Feelings

    Grade Level: K - 12
    Keywords: See glossary of terms for the Teachers Forestry Terms.

Forest Succession

    Grade Level: 3 - 6
    Keywords: Environment, forest, species, ecology, habitat, life cycle, bark, phloem cambium, xylem and heartwood

Forests Young and Old

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Interdependence, Succession

From Trees to Paper

    Grade Level: 6
    Keywords: trees, lumber, harvesting, sustainable forestry, recycling, mill, pulp, paper

Growing Forests

    Grade Level: 3 - 6
    Keywords: Forest resources

How Does a Tree Grow?

How Much Carbon is Held by the World's Forests?

    Grade Level: 7
    Keywords: Carbon, matter, carbon cycle

How Much Energy is Stored in Wood?

    Grade Level: 8 - 12
    Keywords: Energy, calorimetry, renewable resources

How Old Is That Cookie?

    Grade Level: K - 6
    Keywords: Cookie

How to Figure Board Feet and Cost of a Board

    Grade Level: 6 - 12
    Keywords: Board feet vs. linear feet, length, width, thickness, grain direction, cubic inches, volume vs. area, solving equations

Identifying Wyoming Trees (Yes, We Have Trees)

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Pinnate veins, palmate veins, parallel veins, toothed shape, lobed shape, jagged shape, opposite, alternating, simple, compound, needle, scale, bud, leaf, leaflet (they need these terms to use the Tree Finder booklet)

Land Use Change Over Time

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Land use, local history, urban sprawl, change over time, suburban development, GIS

Measurement in the Forest

    Grade Level: 6 - 7
    Keywords: Volume, density, graphing, metric conversion

Measure Up!

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Measuring, metric, English

Michigan Ecosystems: The Web They Weave

    Grade Level: 5 - 6
    Keywords: Science, Social Studies: Biodiversity, species diversity, ecosystem diversity, genetic diversity, community, interdependent

The Miracle Resource—From Forest to Products

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Technology

Moisture Content Activity

    Grade Level: 6 - 12
    Keywords: Moisture content, green wood, oven/kiln dry, air dried, shrinkage / swelling, dimensional changes

Our School—Our Trees

    Grade Level: 6
    Keywords: Ecology, environmental awareness, tree science, geometry (circumference, diameter)

Quadrate Lab

    Grade Level: 7-9
    Keywords: Ecology, environmental awareness, ecological succession

Seed Dispersion of Strawberries and Dandelions

    Grade Level: 4 - 6
    Keywords: Dicot and monocot seeds, seed coat, first leaves , stem, and root

Selecting the Best Material to use While Solving a Technological Problem

    Grade Level: 7 - 8
    Keywords: Sustainability, renewable, strength, cost, aesthetics

Sustainable Forestry

    Grade Level: 7
    Keywords: Sustainable, sustained yield, tree farm, harvest, generation, biological diversity, pure stand, selective cutting (thinning), competition, crop tree, dominant trees, codominant trees, intermediate trees, suppressed trees, seedling, sapling, mature trees, broadcast seeding, reforestation, forestry, ecosystem, nutrients, rotation, site preparation, slash

Tree ID Booklet

    Grade Level: 7 - 12
    Keywords: Conifer, deciduous

Trees: Are They Thriving or Surviving?

    Grade Level: 8
    Keywords: Weather, climate, dendrochronology, growth rings, core sample

Trees, Logging, and Washington

    Grade Level: 8
    Keywords: History, language arts


    Grade Level: 3 - 8
    Keywords: Language Arts, Science Social Studies

Trees of Our Forests

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Conifer, Deciduous

Understanding Optimum Growing Conditions for Tree Growth

    Grade Level: 7 - 8
    Keywords: Respiration, photosynthesis, environmental/biological factors, pests, canopy

Using Density to Identify Wood Types

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Sorting, classification, density, characteristic properties

Using Logos and Mission Statements to Communicate Sustainable Forestry Information

    Grade Level: 5 - 6
    Keywords: Cross Content

WANTED: Invasive Species

    Grade Level: 5 - 8
    Keywords: Invasive species, native species

What’s in My Kitchen?

    Grade Level: 7 - 9
    Keywords: Wood, kitchen

What’s In Our Woods?

    Grade Level: K - 12
    Keywords: Environment, forest, species, invasive species, conservation, steward, ecology, biodiversity, habitat, populations, edge effect, spatial dispersion, biotic, abiotic, animals, plants, fungi, protozoan, insects, birds, leaf & plant collections, insect collections

What Tree is That?

    Grade Level: 7 - 8
    Keywords: Tree identification, tree facts, deciduous, evergreen/conifer, fruits of a tree, native regions of trees, applications of hardwood and softwood trees, properties of wood

Why Are Thinning Trees Important?

    Grade Level: 5 - 6
    Keywords: Sustainable forestry, thinning

Wild About Wildfires

    Grade Level: 6 - 8
    Keywords: Wildfire, controlled burning debate

"Wood You Believe?" Wood Products

    Grade Level: 5 - 8
    Keywords: Forest sensory activity, wood products, forestry, science, agriculture, social studies, economics

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