Lesson Plans: K-2nd Grade

Lesson plans were submitted by teachers who have graduated from our Teacher Forestry Tours.

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Lesson Plan Disclaimer

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A Tale of Two Forests

    Grade Level: K
    Keywords: Habitat, diet, interdependent, snag, predator, prey

A Walk in the Forest

Forest Appreciation

    Grade Level: 1 - 6
    Keywords: Forest resources

Forestry and Changing Feelings

    Grade Level: K - 12
    Keywords: See glossary of terms for the Teachers Forestry Terms.

Getting To Know the Products from Trees

    Grade Level: 2 - 3
    Keywords: Economics, Products, Producers, Consumer

Graphing the Diversity of a Forest

    Grade Level: 2
    Keywords: Diversity, oak, maple, elm, pine, aspen

How Does the Making of Paper Contribute to the Economics of an Area?

How Old Is That Cookie?

    Grade Level: K - 6
    Keywords: Cookie

Introduction to Trees and Wood

    Grade Level: K
    Keywords: Trees, wood products, grain, texture, bark, color

Life Cycle of Trees

    Grade Level: 2
    Keywords: Life cycle (seed, seedling, sapling, adult tree, senescent tree, log); parts of a tree; tree leaf key

Paper Does Grow on Trees

    Grade Level: 2
    Keywords: Paper making

The Parts of a Tree

    Grade Level: K
    Keywords: Tree, leaves, branches, trunk, roots

Recycled Paper Making

    Grade Level: 2+
    Keywords: Recycled Paper making

Roll Away Trees

    Grade Level: 1
    Keywords: Mathematics, science

Seeds! What is Inside; How Does it Grow and Why is it Important?

    Grade Level: K - 2
    Keywords: Seed, root, seed embryo, shoots, sprout

Tree Identification to Observe Diversity of a Given Nature Area

    Grade Level: 2
    Keywords: Diversity, oak tree, maple tree, white pine, spruce, aspen, serrated, lobed, alternate, opposite, whorls, simple, compounded, tapered, rounded

What Lives in the Forest?

    Grade Level: K
    Keywords: Snag, shrub

What’s In Our Woods?

    Grade Level: K - 12
    Keywords: Environment, forest, species, invasive species, conservation, steward, ecology, biodiversity, habitat, populations, edge effect, spatial dispersion, biotic, abiotic, animals, plants, fungi, protozoan, insects, birds, leaf & plant collections, insect collections

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