Videos has produced numerous informative videos on a variety of topics. Several of the films have received awards of excellence and recognition, including the the Telly Award, and the Videographer Award of Distinction. These videos are created for middle school through adult audiences. is also pleased to announce the limited edition release of three Minnesota-based forestry videos donated to us by the Blandin Foundation. These include Minnesota, a History of the Land - Episode V: The Northern Forest; Forests and Minnesota's Rural Economy; and Forest Floor to Showroom Floor: Marketing "Green Forestry" in Minnesota. These videos are available in DVD format and can be purchased for shipping cost.

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Minnesota, a History of the Land: The Northern Forest; Forests and Minnesota's Rural Economy

With its majestic pines, glittering lakes, and rich human history the northern forest is central to many Minnesotan's sense of place. But at the turn of the 20th century, the landscape lay in ruins; decades of unchecked logging had been followed by catastrophic fires. This video, part of a five part series on the story of the people and landscapes of Minnesota from the nineteenth century to present, chronicles efforts to understand and restore this important landscape just as a new threat looms. This video was co-produced by the Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota and Twin Cities Public Television. Major funding was provided by the Huss and Blandin Foundations.

1 Hour. Available in DVD format only.

Forests and Minnesota's Rural Economy

In this video Minnesota’'s rural communities look at productive uses of abundant forests in ways that ensure an environmental legacy. This video was co-producted by Twin Cities Public Television and the Charles K. Blandin Foundation.

1 Hour. Available in DVD format only.

Forest Floor to Showroom Floor: Marketing "Green Forestry" in Minnesota

This video tells an important story about forests, people, communities and change through examining the impact on forestry, forest products and local economies of Aitkin County Land Department’s now ten-year commitment to third party certification through the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The video includes footage from Aitkin County, Minnesota's latest FSC audit, follows Aitkin County’s local, value-added chain-of-custody for certified forest products, and illustrates how third party certification supports the county’s overall approach to practicing ecologically-based and economically-viable forestry. It was produced by FretlessFilms Writer and Director John Whitehead for the Blandin Foundation’s Vital Forests/Vital Communities initiative.

13 Minutes. Available in DVD format only.

The Right Choice

The modern forest products industry is meeting the needs of people around the world while taking care of forest ecosystems. It provides lumber, panels, engineered-wood products, treated-wood products, paper and thousands of by-products. It uses the highest technology to meet these needs while protecting fish, wildlife, soil, air and water. A lot of good people are needed including: foresters, aquatic and wildlife biologists, chemists, all kinds of engineers, researchers, wood-scientists, marketing and distribution people and computer specialists.

12 Minutes. Available in DVD and VHS formats.

Telly Award Winner
Videographer Award of Distinction 2001

A Forest Vision

With a clear vision of the future and sound principles to guide us, our choices get a lot easier. We all have choices; about our careers, our consumption of resources, and our citizenship responsibilities. When we combine our vision with action, we can change the world. We can help to build a sustainable society, and we can all make a difference.

14 Minutes. Available in DVD and VHS formats.

Two Sides of Fire

Fire is a paradox: good if it is under control, and usually bad if it is wild and out of control. Now we're beginning to realize that we need to reintroduce fire to many ecosystems. It's often an essential management tool needed to maintain stands of fire dependent species in a healthy condition.

16 Minutes. Available in DVD and VHS formats.

The Miracle Resource

A high-energy video that looks at meeting the needs of an increasing world population. One resource stands out as being renewable, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient, non-toxic, and, last but not least, beautiful.

14 minutes. Available in DVD and VHS formats.

Telly Award Winner

Materials and the Environment

A video featuring Dr. Jim L. Bowyer and his work. This video presents material which is essential to understanding the global social, economic, and ecological consequences of various options. This is the second release of this tape which has been updated to make it more appealing to younger audiences.

15 minutes. Available in VHS format only.

The Dynamic Forest

A video with exciting sights and sounds explaining how forests work in space and time. This video helps show how forests constantly change through disturbance and renewal.

16 minutes. Available in DVD and VHS formats.

Telly Award Winner

America's Forests:
A History of Resiliency and Recovery

A documentary produced by the USDA Office of Public Affairs in conjunction with the Forest History Society, 1993. This video covers the changes in the forests of the United States from the time of European settlement until present day. This video is based on a book by the same title by Douglas MacCleery (Foundation Scientific Advisor). The book is also available through the Forest History Society.

23 minutes. Available in DVD and VHS formats.

Circle of Life

A documentary addressing the consumption and production of natural resources. This video clearly presents our options as consumers choosing between renewable and non-renewable resources to meet our needs.

28 minutes. Available in VHS format only.

Telly Award Winner

The Telly Awards, founded in 1980, showcases and gives recognition to outstanding non-broadcast film, video and TV programs and non-network and cable commercials. Since then the Telly Awards has become a well-known, highly respected international competition. The panel of judges is made up of highly qualified production professionals from across the U.S., and only 7 to 10 percent of over 9,000 entries are chosen for an award.

Winners have come from a large cross-section of agencies, production companies, television stations, and cable operations, as well as corporate video departments. Past recipients include: PBS, HBO, Nike, CBS Video, Pepsico, Fisher Price, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Showtime, and Temperate Forest Foundation.

The Videographer Awards is a national awards program directed by communications professionals to honor talented individuals and companies in the video production field. Entrants include video production companies, advertising and public relations firms, corporate communications departments, cable and broadcast television operations, government agencies and schools, independent producers and wedding and special event producers. Past winners have come from all 50 states.

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