Earth Answers: Why Recycle?

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Description: Why recycle? You're right there are plenty of trees in the U.S. As a result of the forest industry's sustainable forestry practices, there are more trees in the U.S. today than there were 70 years ago. But we should continue to recover our paper products for recycling. Recycling is a good way to stretch our forest resources and control waste disposal problems. Did you know that for every ton of paper recovered for recycling, about 3 cubic yards of landfill space are saved? Follow Sherman and Sam, two animated dogs, through this pamphlet and discover the benefits of recycling.
Author/Producer: TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
Topic Areas Covered: Paper, Recycling, Waste Prevention
Resource Type: Pamphlet
For Grade Levels: K-9
Publication Date: 1997
Length: 7 pages
Cost: Free (PDF download)
Is It Available For Loan? No
Is Training Necessary? No
Language: English
Educational or Informational: Educational
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Hidden Items: Forest
Geographic Location: U.S.
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Author/Producer Contact: TAPPI - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, Public Outreach Department
Address: P.O. Box 105113
Atlanta, GA 30348-5113
Phone: 1-800-291-3145

Our Message & Evaluation Criteria

  • Everything is made from natural resources and natural resources must come from somewhere.
  • The gathering and processing of all natural resources have environmental impacts.
  • Responsible production and use of wood - a renewable resource - is environmentally sound.

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