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Description: No Child Left Inside (NCLI) Day is part of a larger event called "Earth Science Week", a week long event held each October that is hosted by the American Geological Institute. The purpose of Earth Science Week is to educate people of all ages about earth sciences and to raise awareness of the natural world in which we live.

NCLI Day occurs on the Tuesday of Earth Science Week each year. The purpose of NCLI Day is to educate students grades K-12 about earth sciences and get them out of the classroom and into the natural environment. The event encourages hands-on exploration of the environment where students live and learn. Students are encouraged to explore, write, and create nature-inspired art.

Author/Producer: The American Geological Institute (AGI)
Topic Areas Covered: Ten earth science-based activities are located on the NCLI Day event guide website and cover topics including: seismology, soil science, weather observation, water quality, paleontology, cartography, and geology. All activity guides can be adopted/adapted to suit educator's needs.
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For Grade Levels: K-12
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Notes: Supplement a number of teaching materials dealing with a range of earth science topics.
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Author/Producer Contact: The American Geological Institute (AGI)
Address: 4220 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22302
Phone: (703) 379-2480
Email: Patrick Leahy - Executive Director
Ann Benbow - Education, Outreach and Development Director

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