From the Forest: The Products We Get From Trees

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From the Forest Lesson Plan
Description: A brochure that describes the variety of products we use in our everyday lives that are made from trees.
Author/Producer: Georgia Pacific
Topic Areas Covered: Forestry products
Resource Type: Brochure
For Grade Levels: 3-9
Publication Date: 2008
Length: 5 pages
Cost: Free (PDF download)
Is It Available For Loan? No
Is Training Necessary? No
Language: English
Educational or Informational: Educational
Recommended Enhancements: People & Trees: A Look at the Many Uses of Trees
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Author/Producer Contact: Georgia Pacific
Address: 133 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 652-4000
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Our Message & Evaluation Criteria

  • Everything is made from natural resources and natural resources must come from somewhere.
  • The gathering and processing of all natural resources have environmental impacts.
  • Responsible production and use of wood - a renewable resource - is environmentally sound.

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