Rainforest Alliance - Virtual Smart House

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Description: An interactive website that promotes the production and use of certified forest products, including non-timber products such as coffee and chocolate. Different "rooms" of the smart house showcase various certified goods, why they're environmentally friendly, and how they're produced.
Author/Producer: Rainforest Alliance
Topic Areas Covered: Certified forest products, sustainable management techniques, certification of non-timber products, certified farms
Resource Type: Interactive website with learning games
For Grade Levels: 7-9, High school, College, and Adult
Publication Date: 1996
Length: N/A
Cost: Free
Is It Available For Loan? N/A
Is Training Necessary? No
Language: English
Educational or Informational: Educational
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Author/Producer Contact: Rainforest Alliance
Address: 665 Broadway, Suite 500
New York, NY 10012 USA
Phone: (212) 677-1900

Our Message & Evaluation Criteria

  • Everything is made from natural resources and natural resources must come from somewhere.
  • The gathering and processing of all natural resources have environmental impacts.
  • Responsible production and use of wood - a renewable resource - is environmentally sound.

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