A Kid's Guide to Forest Fires

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Description: Forest fires have the power to cause a lot of destruction because they spread very fast and reach extremely high temperatures. Depending on the size of a forest fire, it may take several days and multiple teams of firefighters to put one out. Firefighters sometimes go up in helicopters to dump specific types of chemicals on a forest fire to put it out. They may also dig a long ditch at the edge of a fire to keep the flames from spreading throughout a forest. Most kids know that a forest fire can be caused by a campfire that gets out of control, a lit match that is thrown into the brush, or even a burning cigarette that is carelessly tossed into the woods, but, did you know that a forest fire can be caused by a natural element such as lightening? These resources will help you to learn more about the causes of forest fires, how they can be prevented and how some fires can benefit a forest ecosystem.
Topic Areas Covered: Forest fires, safety, wildlife, home protection, prevention, controlled burns
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For Grade Levels: K-6th Grade
Publication Date: 2016
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  • Everything is made from natural resources and natural resources must come from somewhere.
  • The gathering and processing of all natural resources have environmental impacts.
  • Responsible production and use of wood - a renewable resource - is environmentally sound.

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